Human Data Intelligence™ platform

Access dozens of data sources with one API.

Filter billions of interactions, posts, news sources, and metadata with precision. DataSift eliminates the need for time-consuming data post-processing, so you can focus purely on your apps or analysis.
  • Aggregate

    One API. Use a single API to reference dozens of sources.

    Leverage billions of data points created daily across numerous data sources. Whether you need historical or real-time data, feeds, or firehoses, one REST API is all you need for 100% licensed access to a deduped data stream. If a connection goes down, we handle it, not you.
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  • Normalize

    One schema. Go broad with your searches using Interaction Normalization.

    Access data in one format from across the web. Our platform normalizes data upfront, making it easy to build and maintain advanced filters across different kinds of data. Add or change data sources on the fly without ever having to alter your schema.
     // Find your brand product
    interaction.content CONTAINS any "mybrand, product1, product2"
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  • Enrich

    Instant context. Get more out of your data using Data Enrichments.

    Paint a more complete picture with your data. Access hundreds of meta data fields, and add even more context using premium data enrichments that are exclusive to our customers. You can also refine your searches by topic, sentiment, gender, influence score, or other relevant factors.
     "klout" : {
    "score" : 50
    "language" : {
    "tag" : "es",
    "tag_extended" : "es",
    "confidence" : 98
    "links" : {
    "code" : [
    "created_at" : [
    "Tue, 10 Jun 2014 22 :09 :15 +0000"
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  • Filter

    One language. Go beyond simple keyword searches using advanced CSDL Filtering.

    Extract the exact data you need using CSDL (Curated Stream Definition Language), our flexible and intuitive filtering language. Filter the signal from the noise using advanced text-matching operators such as regular expressions, substrings and wildcards. Not only does this eliminate the pain of post-processing, it saves you money in data costs as well.
     interaction.content CONTAINS_ANY "mybrand, product1, product2"
    demographic.gender == "female"
    klout.score >= 30
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  • Classify

    Any scale. Interpret meaning from millions of rows, in real time, using VEDO.

    Make data actionable at any scale or speed of delivery using VEDO, our advanced classification engine. VEDO enables you to mark useful patterns in data upfront using straightforward tagging and scoring. Categorize interactions based on pre-set criteria or classifiers you write yourself.
     tag.sentiment "happy.influencer" {
    salience.sentiment >= 3
    tag.sentiment "unhappy.influencer" {
    salience.sentiment <= -3

    return {
    interaction.content CONTAINS_ANY "mybrand, product1, product2"
    demographic.gender == "female"
    klout.score >= 30
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  • Deliver

    Guaranteed delivery. Use robust data connectors to deliver data to a variety of data destinations.

    No matter how many streams or sources you change, deliver your output to over a dozen data destinations. Whether you create ad hoc streams for analysis or build powerful apps using our PUSH API, we guarantee secure, low-latency access delivery. -H 'Auth: myusername:1234secure4321api1234key' 
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