Tencent Weibo

Tune in to consumer insights throughout inland China.

Entering uncharted areas in third tier Chinese cities can be daunting without the right information. Gain the upper hand with data from one of China's biggest microblogging services.
Tencent Weibo
200+ million active users
50+ million interactions per day
Tokenized Data
DataSift Exclusive

DataSift + Tencent Weibo

Find the conversations, influencers and themes that pervade throughout modern China. The Tencent Weibo data source offers:

Advanced Chinese Tokenization

The written Mandarin language has no spaces in between words. DataSift performs “white space injection”, which makes it significantly easier to filter keywords, phrases, and slang.

Context & Enrichments

Get a stronger sense of influencers and communities. DataSift allows you to filter by gender or geography to bring context into conversations.

Customizable Scoring

Score each post with classifiers you can designate. Categorize data based on signals such as intent to purchase, customer service requests, or content about competitors.

The influence and usage of Weibos is likely to even go beyond the boundaries of China.

Tencent Weibo Overview

An overview of everything Tencent Weibo provides

Users200+ million active users
Interactions50+ million per day
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