Real-time and Historic access to Tumblr posts, likes, topics and sentiment.

As one of the world’s fastest growing social network, Tumblr is a platform for people to share content they love. By providing a simple-to-use blog to share content, Tumblr has grown a global audience of over 300 million unique visitors, generating more than 100 million posts every day.
19b+ monthly pageviews
135m+ active blogs
85m+ average posts per day
18.4 average minutes per visit

DataSift + Tumblr

As brands increasingly use Tumblr to engage with their customers the need for Tumblr data becomes more critical, to surface in social applications as well as to analyze for industry, brand and audience insights. Now with Tumblr data available in DataSift, it’s easier than ever for brands, agencies and developers to uncover what Tumblr's thriving community of users are talking about.

Contextualize Tumblr Posts

Amp up brand monitoring and trend identification on Tumblr by extracting topics and sentiment from posts while precisely filtering for only what’s relevant to you.

Extract Metadata

Dig deeper than the surface content to access information on likes, reblogs, profile, location and more, allowing you to map audiences and trace virality across the network.

Go Back In Time

Access Tumblr Historics to understand the impact of your campaigns over time and apply learnings from past performance to future plans.

Access to deeper analytics on Tumblr with DataSift represents a huge opportunity for brands to better understand audiences, refine campaigns and bring their unique stories to life.
Aaron Strout, Managing Director, W2O

Tumblr Overview

An overview of everything Tumblr provides

Pricing$0.20 per 1'000
Users300+ million active users
Interactions150+ million per day
Real-time200ms per interaction
HistoricsSince August 2013
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