Full fidelity access to the Twitter Firehose

Averaging more than half a billion tweets per day, Twitter is quickly becoming the world’s go-to source for connecting to what’s happening, right now. From culture and trends to politics and real-time news, Twitter is an increasingly integral part of how we talk about these events.
500+ million tweets per day
Peaks of 140,000 tweets per second
230 million+ active monthly users
35+ languages

  • Full Fidelity

    Curate and Contextualize for Meaning

    We deliver each Tweet with 140 characters of direct data from Twitter, and add another 75 fields of enriched metadata for additional context, giving you the ability to filter against any number of those fields and classify your data using that information.

    Extract Metadata

    Delve deep into Twitter, accessing meaningful information beyond those 140 characters, for example: user profiles, geo-location, and source.

    Apply Enrichments

    Enhance Twitter relevance with language detection & natural language processing, sentiment trend analysis, social authority scoring and more.

    Filter for Noise

    Our powerful set of text processing tools help you separate signal from noise, allowing you to filter against all metadata and enrichments.

  • Data in Context

    Add Business Context to your Twitter data

    DataSift VEDO is the next generation of the DataSift core processing engine and features Programmable Intelligence: the ability to automatically categorize social data based on its meaning, helping you to transform it into useful data in your application.

    Library of VEDO Classifiers

    Use the classifiers out of the box or as a starting point enabling you to do things such as identify potential SPAM, leverage machine learning to categorize social posts into complaints, compliments or requests for help, or score affinity towards a product or topic.

    Programmable User Rules

    Use advanced text-pattern matching and near-word matching to look for mentions of products within social data, then classify conversations based on products being mentioned.

    Machine Learning

    Train and build models based on Bayesian classification, logistic regression and support vector machines.

  • Historical Data

    Time Travel through Twitter’s Historical Data

    Collect historical Twitter content to deepen your understanding of current trends by comparing to past performance.

    On Demand Access

    We offer on-demand access to 3+ years of historical data from the Twitter firehose.

    Historical Context

    Historical Twitter data can include any of our enrichments providing you with deeper context.

    Historics Preview

    Quickly preview the results of any historics query and get key statistical information before committing to the full raw data delivery.

  • Demographics

    Understand Your Audience Better With Twitter Demographics

    Understand how conversations in key demographic segments impact you by using Twitter Demographics to fill out a detailed profile of the people talking about, interacting with and following your business.

    Broad Coverage

    Our demographics include gender, profession, location, occupation, interests, brand affiliation and more.


    Demographic enrichments are inferred from a user’s unique blend of historical public conversations and profile information.

    Fully Integrated

    The demographic data is tightly integrated into DataSift and is delivered alongside anonymized Twitter data, making it easy to utilize.

  • Content Insights

    Get The Full Picture By Exposing Link Data

    Expand your access to relevant results by uncovering and filtering for the hidden keywords in URLs, page titles and content on pages referenced in shortened links.

    Reveal Link Context

    In the shorthand style that dominates Twitter, brand names and key terms are often omitted from the tweets themselves, but can be found by unwinding shortened URLs

    Valuable Info

    Extract OpenGraph data, Google News keywords, SEO metatags and more, creating context around the links that drive traffic from the social web.


    We processes all of this data in real time, giving you the fastest access in the industry to find the data you need.

A key role DataSift plays is to provide the firehose via a direct connection to Twitter. Without this, what would you do? Search for a hashtag? Refresh the column? These methods aren't going to fly anymore.
Guy Kawasaki, DataSift Investor and Advisor

Twitter Overview

An overview of everything Twitter provides

Pricing$0.10 per 1,000 Tweets
Interactions500+ million per day
Users200+ million active users
Real-time200ms per interaction
Historics3+ Years of data available
FirehoseFull Firehose Access
Enrichments view all
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