Get a pulse on the people, products, and ideas that drive your organization.

Yammer is a Private Social Network used by over 200,000 companies. Yammer brings together people, conversations, content, and business data in a single location. Employees can easily collaborate with team members and make an impact at work.
200,000 companies
85% of Fortune 500
8,000,000+ users

DataSift + Yammer

Combining Yammer data with the DataSift platform enables you to get the most out of your Yammer investment. Gain insights from your Yammer instance that are not available through out of the box analytics tools. The Yammer data source enables you to:

Discover your company’s influencers

Go beyond measuring top contributors and score influence based on content relevance or other custom criteria. Identify experts within your org for subjects or topics that are most relevant to your business.

Surface ideas that drive innovation

Identify front line employee ideas and suggestions around products and offers. Categorize and rate which ones are the most popular.

Identify hot button issues

Reveal which trending customer- or market-related topics are actively being discussed by your front line employees. Rate issues by urgency using advanced sentiment analysis.

Yammer Overview

An overview of everything Yammer provides

Pricing Free
Users Yammer has in excess of 8 million users.
Customers 200,000+ companies use Yammer
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